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About Janece

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Lush greens, vibrant blues, iridescent golds, mysterious purples, visceral reds, textured and passionate brushstrokes. These raw materials combined with a breadth of style and emotional execution make Janece Moment’s artwork at once engaging and soothing, startling and instinctively familiar. Whatever the mood, Janece’s painting creates a connection between the viewer and her paintings.

Janece Moment started out in the corporate world as a human resource professional. On a leap of faith 6 years ago, she decided to take on a whole new career. Without a smidgen of training, she started her own freelance web design business, which quickly accumulated a wide portfolio of pleased clientele. Now, again, she has stepped out into a new direction and has found painting a passion that she never imagined possible. Happily, she has discovered that her artwork also resonates deeply with others.

“I have found that I love working in the hollows of my life -- in the spaces, the empty places, and the valleys. That is where I find possibility and creativity”, explains Janece, who even decided to name her web design company The Hollow Creative. Whatever Janece has found in the hollows has been a rich playground. Janece’s artwork, executed in both oils and acrylics, shows an innate passion for and understanding of color and texture.

This emerging Northwest artist’s work has been well received. Paintings are selling so quickly that she can barely keep up with the requests. In 2003 alone, Janece has found her art showcased in Equestria Restaurant and Lounge, a fine dining establishment in Memphis TN, as well as in businesses and personal collections worldwide. In addition, her work has been accepted by the fine art gallery Agora Gallery in SoHo, NY and is under review for 2004 shows in galleries up and down the West Coast.

Janece has recently opened up her collection to the interior design market. She has an inventory of completed works available for purchase and is accepting commissioned projects for private residences and commercial establishments.




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